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Anthologies - Poetry and Photography collaborations to help charities

Focal View has linked with  School in a Bag. This charity supplies schools bags with educational equipment to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world. The bags are given to the children to give them hope for their future and encourage them to learn and to make the best of their lives.

Read more about the charity here:This opens in a new window

Other Charities
You may have a particular charity in mind that you would like to help. If so, tell us and we will add that organisation to a list and so invite other writers and photographers to help you.

How do you contribute?  
Look through the galleries  and make a note of the number of an image you wish to write about and then fill the form on the screen and click Send.
You can also send in your own photographs and writing. It can be poetry in any form, a short story or perhaps a particular memory.
When we have enough on a particular theme or style then we we will collate the images and writing into a page turning E Book which will go on sale to raise funds. We will post details of coming sales of charity anthologies on the site for you and others to buy. The anthologies can be downloaded for friends and families too.     

A gift to you
Here is an anthology for you to download and enjoy. The photographs are the work of Brian Gaylor and the poems are by Adrian Wood. Click on the image for the PDF

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