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Organizers of International Photographic Competitions

Digital Catalogues, Best in Show eBooks, Year Book , Photographer e-Portfolios


We would like to introduce our services to International Competition organizers as a business proposition aiming to:

Give your Salon the opportunity to exhibit the best image entries to their competitions extra to the printed catalogue to inspire other photographers.

Give you the opportunity to celebrate all your entries after the competition in their Salon Year Book.

Give you the space to show last year's catalogue in full on the Focal View website as well as the Salon site

Give you good reason to stay in touch with photographers both during and after the competition thus ensuring repeat and increasing entries to future years. for repeat business.

Give you an income to cover the costs of the competition.

This is only a short letter by way of introduction.

Here is a download PDF file for full information

We look forward to hearing from you

Adrian and Brian

Focal View

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