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Terms and Conditions for the Focal View Open Gallery
The Gallery is not a commercial site.
We do not sell any images. If we are contacted by any organization or individual wishing to buy or otherwise pay for permission to use an image, we will pass their details on to you and leave all proceedings entirely in your hands. We will accept no responsibility for any matters arising from private financial negotiations and dealings.

Your images and videos, whilst displayed in the Gallery remain your copyright. You own the image and are only lending it to Focal View.
All images on the website cannot be copied and we will not allow anyone to use them without your express permission.

Email Address
We will never pass your email address on to any third party for any reason. We will only use your email address to reply to you, confirm submissions and tell you about Focal View in general. If for any reason you no longer wish to receive emails from Focal View; just write and tell us.

Photo & Poetry EBooks
We will be making a series of Photo and Poetry Collaboration EBooks in order to support charities. You may have a special charity in mind or want to contribute to our nominated charity which supplies school equipment to children in disaster areas around the world and also anywhere remote where schooling is difficult yet so important. Let us know.
We invite you to use the images in the Open Gallery as inspiration for poetry and short stories. Both images and writing will be collected, collated and presented in a page-turning digital EBook which we will offer for sale through Focal View. Money from the sale of the anthologies will go to the charity. We hope that you will contribute with your own images and writing. If your images are selected as inspiration and to illustrate the anthologies, we will assume your permission is given to use your work as a contribution to the good cause. We will write and tell you when the anthology including your work is ready for sale and hope that you will buy a copy too.
The anthologies can be read on any screen and can be sent to friends and family.
To find out more about the Photo Poetry EBooks, read here.
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